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How To Choose An Assisted Living Facility

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Assisted living facilities suit seniors who cannot live independently. For instance, their age or medical conditions could prevent them from conducting complex chores such as cleaning their laundry or homes. Nevertheless, they still wish to live independently since they do not need round-the-clock caregiving services. Below are a few tips to help you choose an assisted living facility for your or your loved one. 

Examine the Services on Offer

The rule is to examine your needs to establish the services required once you move into the facility. Most facilities offer housekeeping services. However, you might need the following services; 

  • On-site medical services if you are likely to need emergency medical services. For instance, you could develop an allergy, stroke, or heart attack.
  • Local transfers if you cannot drive. For example, you could have impaired vision or a condition that prevents you from driving.
  • A cafeteria with high-quality meals comes in handy when you are not in a cooking mood.
  • Recreational activities such as swimming, golfing and tennis courts help you keep fit and socialise with other residents. 

Check the Available Accommodation 

Assisted living facilities have varying accommodation arrangements. For instance, some could have stand-alone homes while others could have apartments. In some cases, you could be allowed to share your apartment with another senior to save on the rental charges. If possible, you should consider a facility with various types of accommodation. You can upgrade or downgrade your accommodation to suit your prevailing financial situation. Moreover, examine the house to ensure it is age-friendly. For instance, it should have appropriate washrooms and bathrooms to guarantee privacy and safety. Moreover, rails and lowered shelves guarantee an easy time as you conduct your daily activities. 

Examine the Facility's Social Life 

Who are the residents at the facility? Some assisted living facilities have an admission criterion to ensure cohesiveness among the resident. For instance, some could accommodate the LBGTQ+ community while others admit people associated with a specific religion or occupation. Inquire how the residents spend their free time. For example, do they have a charity club or book club? Some facilities also organise counselling sessions to help seniors cope with the rapid changes in their lives. 

Choose A Suitable Location

Where is the assisted living facility located? Obviously, you would want your friends and relatives to pay regular visits at will. If you have a fully independent spouse, consider facilities close to retirement homes. This way, you can spend time with your loved ones as much as you wish without feeling that your dependence is an inconvenience to them.  

For more information, visit a local assisted living facility.