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Three Simple Activities for Senior Citizens

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The elderly don't need to get bored all their time! Why should they when there are a host of activities they can participate in to jog their minds and keep their spirits on top.   They can play some games, spend some time outdoors or engage in their hobbies. When they do things they love, their overall well-being will greatly improve.

Check out the following fun aged care activities:

Tai chi

Tai chi is an ancient art that has been used by many generations to exercise. Tai chi is also referred to as meditation. The exercise involves stretching the mind and improving its status. The exercise improves fitness and balance. Also, it helps to reduce pain as well as depression symptoms.

Bird watching

Bird watching is yet another fun activity for the aged to engage in. Senior citizens who love the outdoors can find this activity fun and fascinating. They can collect feathers while strolling to spot birds. They can also sit at their backyards and identify different bird species. Those who cannot walk for long distances can also enjoy bird watching too. You can take them to parks with their walkers and wheelchairs. Have a notebook to keep track of the bird species you note. If you have a camera, it's even better because you can take pictures and put them in frames. In addition, if you collect feathers, you can press or paste them in a frame or book.


Gardening is also an interesting activity that comes with a lot of physical and cognitive benefits. It is a smart way to learn and regain skills that an older person may have lost. In addition, it improves memory and reduces stress at the same time. Moreover, it promotes relaxation and calmness. For the elderly, the activity encourages growth as it fosters the feeling of accomplishment, which is by far the most tangible benefit. That's not all, gardening all enhances the natural beauty of the environment. It depends on what you to plant, but you can choose to plant anything that the senior individuals will like. You can plant food as well. Gardening is an activity that doesn't require much to start. You only need to have a plot of land where you can garden and seeds, which are readily available in local stores.

It does not matter whether or not your older adult is homebound or mobile; they can still engage in other activities such as giving back to the society. This is a great way to engage.